Don’t you have anything to do this coming weekend? Then maybe it’s time for you to inspect your home’s surroundings and fix things out.

So take down notes as we give you tips on how to start fixing your home:

    1. Re-evaluate your belongings!
           Decluttering your workstation is easier if you know the important things you need. Keep those things which are helpful for doing your tasks.

    2. Be clutter-free!
           Prevent losing your important documents by placing them on a specific container. In this way, you will be able to avoid clutter in your desk when in the office or kitchen counter when at home. It will be easier for you to remember where you put your mails, daily bills and other documents.

    3. Have freedom in expressing your room by redecorating it!
           Your room represents your personality! Visualize before decluttering your things in order to determine your starting point. Determine if you should change your room’s color including its bed sheets. It may take time but seeing the results from your hard work is really rewarding.

    4. Donate and make other people happy!
           You’ll really see a lot of your stuff while decluttering. You might encounter your old teddy bear that you used to sleep with as a child or your brand-new shirt that you never got a chance to wear. Instead of putting it on the garbage or selling it on a garage sale, why don’t you donate it to charity to find your pre-loved items a new home? Make the world a better place by doing a random act of kindness.

    5. Teach your kids the importance of organization
           As early as now, you should know how to impose house rules in your children. Let them be involved in doing simple household chores such as putting their toys on its proper places and fixing their bed after waking up. Giving them independence to their daily routine could help a lot in maintaining your humble abode clean and neat.

Isn’t it great to make your home a better place if you keep it clean? So start clearing that clutter in your own home today!

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