LICA’s other activities include various smaller ventures, agriculture, and the F.T. Limcaoco, Sr. Foundation.

LICA is also a significant guiding and financial force to the Felix T. Limcaoco Sr. Foundation. In addition, LICA also maintains some small scale agribusiness operations.

Felix T. Limcaoco, Sr. Foundation, Inc.

The F.T. Limcaoco Foundation is active in providing health and education assistance to young, deserving people in the Laguna province.




Our predecessor companies were involved in sugar plantations, hence, the affinity for agribusiness. While most of the major farms have been converted into other real estate ventures, LICA is still involved in small scale agriculture, livestock and dairy, and even marketing of flowers.

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LICA MSG develops and implements activities focused on out-of-the box ways designed to : 1. maintain an active relationship with current customers; 2. acquire new customers and 3. keep them and improve services to customers by using the synergy of affiliates and other partnerships.

MSG is headed  by Suzanne Yazon and its goal is to cross-sell and cross-promote the products and services among all the Lica Group affiliates, using creative and multi-faceted and high-tech ways.

The group does these primarily through:

  1. Events Marketing – participated by multi-brand affiliates
  2. Database Marketing – cross marketing among non-competing affiliates using databases for email, sms, voice, mail inserts, etc.
  3. Digital Marketing – websites, mobile, seo/sem, email lists, social media, etc.
  4. Corporate Communications – including Auto Nation Magazine, newsletters, online and offline press releases, indoor and outdoor billboards, ads, graphic designs in all possible media channels.

SMM Part 1 and 2


As Regis McKenna (marketing guru) puts it:
“Marketing is not a function, it is a way of doing business… marketing has to be all pervasive, part of everyone’s job description, from the receptionist to the board of directors.” 

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