The real meaning of Christmas is often times forgotten, but the simplest way to remind ourselves of its meaning is to look at the holidays through the eyes of children.

F. Limcaoco Foundation together with Luzon Development Bank, made it truly the season of giving with the annual gift-giving to the children of Angels in Heaven School which is a recipient of the foundation’s scholarship program.

The annual gift-giving happened on the wonderful day of December 16, 2016. It was an early Christmas celebration for the children of Angels in Heaven School as the employees of LDB shared their time, money and love through gifts, prizes and food for the party.

They also honored two industrious men that gave most of their time in cleaning the compound to ensure that the children are studying in an environment that is free from mosquito bites and other insects.

Indeed, spending time around children at this time of the year will make you feel the joy and magic that Christmas brings.

Suzuki Alto 800